Special Episode: Derrick Duplessy of Purpose Rockstars Interviews Angela Lynne Gibson

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128: Angela Gibson, Intuitive Counselor – More than Spiritual Woo Woo Released┬áSep 11, 2014 Angela Gibson is a transpersonal intuitive counselor. Translation: she helps gain insight into the spiritual world arous us. We chat abour her journey from scientist to spiritual counselor, clearing a house of spirits, and her upcoming tv show.

Check out my my interview by Derrick Duplessy of Purpose Rockstars

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When Derrick contacted me asking to interview me for his show, of course I had to research who this person is and what he’s up to. WOW! Derrick is on a mission to change the world for the better. Much respect to him for his vision, ethics, and purpose. Derrick founded the Duplessy Foundation in […]