Hi there. I’m Angela. I am the host of Transpersonal Radio and the former co-host of the award-winning television show Paranormal Insights with Joseph Ernest Martin.

I presently hold a Bachelor of Science in Biology PreMed from the University of Colorado – Denver, and completed one year of the Masters in Forensic Science Program at the University of California – Davis. I also went through the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Academy and worked as a Private Investigator for eight years.

I am currently completing a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling and D.D. (Doctor of Divinity) degree in Metaphysical Sciences and Counseling.

Angela Lynne Gibson host of Transpersonal Radio


I have been interested in the Metaphysical Sciences most of my life. When I was two years old I was in a car accident on the Autobahn in Amersfoort, Holland. My mom and dad both went through the windscreen. My mom died at the scene. Though I was born with the capacity to communicate with disembodied spirits, that event was a catalyst for opening my ability to channel and connect with those who have left their physical bodies.

At a very young age my maternal grandmother began teaching me more about spirit communication and astrological planetary aspects and their influence on daily life. I am able to connect with the Higher Self that comes from the Soul Level to reveal truths, issues or unfinished business that prevents progress and healing.

After a near-death experience in 2011 and 2012, I began providing speaking engagements and workshops on near-death experiences, the afterlife, and psi phenomena.

With experience in the corporate world, medicine, law enforcement, and the sciences, I have a wide array of interests, awareness, knowledge and skills. I believe that all existence is based on interaction of energy and that the metaphysical world has a strong influence in any area of life, regardless of fields of interest or life choices.

My passion is bringing you this radio show that facilitates personal empowerment and transformation through exploration of parapsychology, spirituality, the paranormal, and how our thoughts upload our reality.

Psychics, mediumship, UFOs, cryptozoology, paranormal experiences, the science behind magick, near-death experiences, overcoming challenges, and living a healthy, prosperous life, are just a few of the topics you’ll find on Transpersonal Radio.

What a few listeners and guests have to say:

“Very grateful for my outstanding interview with Angela. As it turns out, a few days after the interview on her show, I was contacted by Coast to Coast AM Radio to be on the George Noory show. It was a breakthrough experience in my career. Thanks Angela!!”

“A wealth of insights into empowering ourselves to find health, peace and prosperity.”

“Thought provoking topics. Always interesting and insightful without the fluff.”

“This show helps bridge the gap between my disbelief and curiosity.”

“A range of subjects and information to expand your mind.”

“I’d listen to one episode of Transpersonal Radio over 10 nightly news shows.”

“This show is almost like a scientific formula for your daily habits.”

“Angela is a great host and covers intriguing yet often misunderstood topics with ease.”

“Angela does a great job of asking the right questions! I loved her interviewing style!”