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Hi everyone, I am so grateful that your here and excited to bring you our guest this week.

Angela is a mom, trans-personal intuitive counselor and a podcaster.

She has a bachelor of science pre- med from the University of Colorado, in Denver. She taught there as an honorarium instructor;  general biology, anatomy and physiology.

She was accepted to a medical school program in Washington, but took a deferment in that to peruse a career in law enforcement.  She attended the Masters Of Forensic Science program at UC Davis. She was accepted into theSacramento Sheriff Academy.

She still does some private investigation and web development, but her passion is teaching metaphysical classes and building her intuitive counselling business and she is the host of Transpersonal Radio.

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Religious Beliefs 

Angela grew up in England and was raised agnostic. There was no talk of god, spirituality or  a higher power.

Her first near-death experience  at 2, was on the autobahn  highway.  Her family was in a horrific car accident in Germany.  There were no seat belts in the car back then.

Her mother and father were thrown through the windscreen of the car. Her mother never survived. She survived because her mother had the intuition to tie her car seat to the car.

When Angela moved to the States, she lived with her Southern Quaker Baptist  Grandmother. That was quite an adjustment.

In her teens, and a couple years into her 20’s, she became a dedicated Christian. She took classes to get a degree in theology. It didn’t take her to long to realize that that particular para-dime didn’t work for her personally.

She now keeps a more pragmatic view about paranormal phenomena . 

She wouldn’t say her near-death experience has an influence on her religious beliefs. Hear the full answer at 26:00

Near-Death Experience

Angela has had a few near-death experiences. She is sharing the most prominent ones today.

At the time this one happened, she wasn’t into science fiction and she never followed NASA.

She went out of body, and was fully aware of her surroundings. She had the distinct sensation of travelling away from the earth plain very quickly, towards the outer limits of the earths atmosphere. She remembers having other experiences with lucid dreaming or astro  travel, but this was her first experience traveling past earth.

She realized she was having a near-death experience. She was going home. As she continued into space, she was filled with awe, a sense of peace and joy. Listen at 5:50 for all the details of this amazing experience.

This experience changed her life. She has dysautonomia. It affects your nervous system; heart rate, respiration, digestion…… it doesn’t work properly.  During an episode, her heart rate would get up to 180 beats per minute just sitting or standing, her respiration system was depressed and she was going in and out.

She could feel her body loosing consciousness, and there was fear as she realized this could be it. She wasn’t ready to go yet. When she was in the experience she felt  peace, joy, bliss and contentment. There was a small twinge realizing she was really leaving, a bit of sadness that she would miss her family and pets, but it happened so quickly.

In Oct 2011 in the Bahamas, they lost her in the back of an ambulance. She had a team of doctors to get her through and she was bed bound for a while.  Listen at 18:30

Moving On

Angela had things she still wanted to do. They were things like; all the countries she still wanted to visit, all the books she still wanted to read, all the things she still wanted to learn and see. Then it became what did she need to give back to others, what did she need to do to share, to help others through their experiences.

All of these near-death experiences she has experienced, has trained her to be able to help others. She feels it is a true calling for her now.

She is a Leo and likes nice things; but life is about experiences and connections for her, these are all the things we can take with us when we leave.

She tells me she was sent back during her experience in space. She had conversations with other light beings. There there is no pain, only peace and joy and it is pretty attractive. They told her she has a gift, a responsibility, it was not her time yet. She was told she needed to come back and share her experience, wisdom and expertise and help other people transform their lives.  Listen at 13:30 for the whole story.


There was an immediate impact. She can not put it into words, but she will do her best.  She was so moved coming back into body she couldn’t believe it happened.

She has gratitude each morning she wakes up because she is alive. She appreciates the struggles more, as it reminds her she is still allowed to be here, to gather more wisdom and have more experience. She tries her best not to take anything for granted anymore.

She did a reassessment of how she was spending her time and how she wanted to spend her time, of her core values and her core beliefs, her true passion and her true path.

She had become so busy, she asked if the things she spent her time on  were really important and necessary.  She put herself as a number 1 priority and took more steps to take care of herself. She kept her stress level to a minimum, evaluated the people in her life, and went through a clean up process. Listen to hear all the details at 16:30

Being Independent And Asking For Help

It is so hard to ask for and accept help. She was overly independent it was really hard to learn the art of receiving. She had to relearn to eat, swallow, dress and it was humiliating, aggravating and it was frighting. Listen at 20:00 for all the details.

I asked Angela for advice for anyone in this situation. She tells us it is not a sign of weakness, incompetent or lack on your part if you require help. There is not a single human that has become successful as a singularity. No person is an island unto him or herself. We all at one point or another help one another to move forward, as individuals, as a community as a human species.  Hear more at 22:00

How To Help Some One After A Near Death Experience

It is really important people learn how to ask for help and really important for people not to overstep boundaries. You don’t want to over help someone and take away their ability to learn their  life lessons and go through what they need to go through.

Assess, Do they really need your help? If yes, please understand, it is really difficult for an adult to be in a situation they need help. There is a sense of fear; what if someone doesn’t come around to help me and I’m stuck here? There is a sense of anger; why is this happening to me? Grief is involved, death of the old self, you are not the same person you were before the near-death experience.

Have patience,  have love and kindness, detached compassion and being able to just be there for them. Sometimes just sitting with someone is extremely helpful.


Angela would like to give a shout out to an amazing intuitive counselor,  Samantha Hudson, she helped her work through her 2011 near-death experience.

The book, The God Gene                                                                                            Many Lives Many Masters, Brian L Weiss                                                          Dying To Be Me,     by Anita Moorjani   



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