Michaela has studied the field of Religion and Spirituality for over 20 years.
She is an Ordained Minister and Soul Coach who places major emphasis on assisting people with how to go within — and use tools to research the sacred text in order to gain clarity and understanding on a multitude of diverse theological issues and self-empowerment concerns.
michaela renaMichaela owns and operates her company, Moon Intuit, which is a mentoring, counseling and teaching company, specializing in utilization of recognized and accepted alternative therapies, practices, and approaches to personal development.
Since 1990, Michaela Rena has attended specialized theology courses facilitated by worldwide recognized religious organizations.
She has immense knowledge in the subjects of religion, cults, and spirituality — as well as a solid understanding of the Bible, Christianity and Christian theology.
Always seeking to expand her skills and knowledge in personal development, she studied metaphysics and science of healing with intentions with Dr. Samantha Hudson Geiger of the Holistic Lighthouse “Life Changing Insights”.
In 2010 she graduated from Yoga of the Mind Institute in Denver Colorado and continued her educational pursuits to receive a Doctor of Divinity Certificate from Universal Life Church.
Michaela Rena now uses her diverse life experiences, skills and knowledge of spiritual insight to assist women with discovering their life path through mental, physical, and spiritual healing.
Michaela Rena has developed a specialized approach for delivery of her teachings, with the “Inner Goddess Awareness” Program that has supported men and women all over the globe.
Application of the “Teach One, Reach One” program is generating very positive results for her students.
Currently she is the radio host for a program called The Good Stuff Hour — Manifesting Your Millionaire Self.
This class assists its members to transform their life by word, thought, and feeling.
Michaela is also the author of two books: “Your Wish is My Command” and “How Much By When?”
Find out more about Michaela on her website MoonIntuit and on Facebook.