isis jade 2016Abducted and held prisoner by a human trafficker for nearly six months, Isis Jade’s story of captivity and torture — before finally escaping was just the beginning of a decade long healing journey.

Today, Isis is a renowned master intuitive, speaker, author, and soul guide.

She works with people who are called to transform their trauma into their messages of hope with the purpose of elevating and transforming our planet.

Isis Jade is an inspirational author, clairvoyant intuitive, speaker, advocate for victims of human trafficking, and a women, children and animal rights activist.

She has also co-founded a nonprofit charity organization called “A Child Unchained,” dedicated to ending child sex trafficking in the hardest hit countries of the world.

This 100% volunteer-run program has already successfully funded three schools and liberated nearly a thousand children from trafficking situations.

Her simple yet profoundly insightful teachings continue to enamor and touch people around the world.

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