Before spirit filled light workers step out and start a business, there is one BIG step to take. “Full acceptance of your gift.”  Sounds simple. Right?  This is where the statement, “Easier said than done” reigns true.   In this hour, we will talk about acceptance, true self love, and stepping into your calling fully!

A topic of great interest to me is that of human perseverance.
cindy sharpWhy is it that some — when faced with overwhelming adversity — give in and give up, while others continue to survive and even thrive?
I don’t want to fall into the false dichotomy trap of nature vs. nurture… because it isn’t either / or.
It’s a blend of both mixed with a spark of something else… what is it that gives certain people such resilience to overcome adversity and continue moving forward?
Today’s guest, Cindy Sharp, is a brilliant example of resilience and building a successful life and business, despite serious challenges and blocks along her path.
Cindy was born with a rare birth defect, abused, and homeless at 17.
She learned along the way that never giving up, moving forward, and laughing was the journey to find herself, her spirit, and her true calling.
Today, Cindy is a Certified Spiritual Business Coach – Repeat Business Expert – Author –  and Spiritual Business Owner who helps others grow their business in a mindful and healthy way… so if you are a holistic business owner, stay tuned for some great insight!
Cindy’s 20 year experience in the corporate world as a sales professional, sales trainer, sales coach, and Assistant Vice President with JP Morgan Chase, made one thing clearly evident — that helping others grow their business is what she’s meant to do.
As a quirky, rule breaker, Cindy shares her wisdom and experience with creative, entertaining, and thought-provokingstories that lift your soul and change the way you think about your spirit-filled business forever.
Find out more about Cindy on her website Sharpening Your Spirit.