Hello Transpersonal Radio listeners,
For those of you keeping track, Intuitive, Spiritual Healer, and Author Dr. Richard Jelusich was going to be joining us this evening. Unfortunately, Dr. J had to go to the emergency room this morning for health issues, so please send your love, prayers, and healing energy for him to experience a quick recovery.
Since Dr. J cannot be with us this evening, I’m going to share a special episode with you that was pre-recorded in December 2015. I was interviewed by Art Webb and Mark Schwartz on TruthFunders, Inception Radio Network.
TruthFunders Radio is hosted by Art Webb and Mark Schwartz and was created by true believers, and born from the idea to take the exploration of truth to the next level.
They exist to give hunters of the unknown such as ufologists, cryptozoologists, ghost hunters, researches, conspiracies, psychics — the financial stability to fund the truth.
Tune in for live shows of Truth Funders every Wednesdays at 9 pm eastern, 6 pm pacific time.
Art WebbArt Webb dedicated his professional existence towards evolving, creating, and presenting high quality broadcast audio content.
Art maintains a proven track record in the development and execution of mass appeal programming in both the terrestrial and digital realms, which he is very proud of.
He has previously worked as an on-­air talent and/or programming executive at places like PodcastOne, The New Normal Network (Tom Leykis Show/New Normal Music), KABC­FM (Los Angeles), KLSX­FM (Los Angeles), & KUFO­FM (Portland)­ among many others.
Three of his most prominent influences are Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson, & Andy Kaufman.
Art lives in the beautiful city of Pasadena, CA with his gorgeous wife, Alicia, and their miniature zoo consisting of 6 animals.
In his spare time he can be found playing electric piano with his ongoing musical project (Taylor Locke Band), reading conspiracy websites, and making stupid puns.
Mark SchwartzMark Schwartz is the CEO of Truthfunders.com, a brand new and technically powerful crowd funding platform, specifically designed to fund paranormal projects, such as films, books, research, expeditions, & inventions of the “unknown.”
He has been a producer of online content and video production for over 14 years.
His background includes producing, directing, writing, editing video, as well as developing content marketing strategies across all aspects of the social media spectrum, in order to help enhance targeted client visibility.
Mark has produced everything from film, television, commercials, and created social strategy for cable networks, technologies, automobiles, and authors.
The laundry list includes: Cisco, Zynga, CBS, Fox, ABC, NBC, MTV, and Audi to name a few.
He was the Senior Producer at Rooftop Media, which was recently acquired by Amazon’s subsidiary, Audible in October, and 3 weeks ago, his latest social media strategy and content marketing campaign helped land the author on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list, where it still presides today.
Mark was also a pioneer in the development of ITVML technology, the Interactive Television Mark-Up Language, which is currently being used in the new online interactive video space.
In 2010, Mark helped create the ‘Glee Super-Fan Experience’, which featured a brand new integration of video and social media, lived on Fox.com, and nominated for the Primetime Interactive Media Emmy Award.
In 2011, Mark helped build a social media video campaign for Audi, which was nominated for the 2011 IAB MIXX Award.
Mark holds a B.A. in Directing and Creative Writing from the University of Arizona and is a member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.
His newest venture, TruthFunders.com, plans to showcase the thousands of fringe science, conspiracy, and paranormal projects, that get buried by other crowdfunding platforms, giving them a voice, and the opportunity to be discovered and funded by a much larger audience.
TruthFunders will offer some of the most off the wall projects, and will be offering several features that currently unavailable on other crowdfunding platforms.
I’ll include the link to Art and Mark’s radio show in the show notes on Transpersonal Radio.
One last note: there are some swear words in this episode, so if that offends you, you may not want to listen to this episode.
With that said, this is a super fun interview and I hope you enjoy it.

Listen to TruthFunders on Inception Radio Network.