Hello Transpersonal Radio Listeners!

Tonight we have a very special guest who is going to share with us her near-death experience, alien encounter experience, and various paranormal experiences.

julliena okah violin virtuosoJulliena is going to share with us her story of how her extra-terrestrial encounter and various paranormal experiences have influenced her music and paintings.

Julliena says that alien interventions have a lot to do with her music and art.

She also explains how an alien’s encounter brought to her life and significantly changed it.

She is going to share information about her past lives, including before birth and nonhuman reincarnation — and about spiritual worlds including Heavens and Hells that she has experienced.

Julliene will explain in detail about the ‘Advanced Beings’ she met — what they are, and she’ll tell us about their messages.

Julliena Okah was born in Japan, and is recognized as a world-class solo violin virtuoso.

She has performed with the Vienna Radio Orchestra and also with the MGM Orchestra in Las Vegas with stars like Bob Hope, Dean Martin.

It is thanks to Liberace’s encouragement that she became a headliner for twenty years with her unique solo violin show on international cruise ships, in theaters, and on television around the world.

On September 1, 2001, at her home in Nice in southern France, Julliena received a powerful and mysterious electrical charge that entered her body and afterwards she suddenly became a painter.

Since then, she has had forty exhibitions, including seven one-woman exhibitions that were written about in the Miami Herald and LA Resistor.

Her oil and watercolor paintings hang in fine art galleries, museums, and auctions worldwide.

She is a graduate scholar of German philosophy and has traveled throughout the world living in fourteen countries studying Indian creeds and Christianity in America.

She is the author of One Life, Many Worlds: My Journeys Through the Heavens and Hells of Extraterrestrial Worlds


God’s Majesty in Color and Word.

One Life, Many Worlds is the extraordinary life story of Julliena Okah, a story of the non-human beings she encountered as a young girl in post-World War II Japan and again throughout her life, and of the paranormal events that led her along an unimaginable path.

This non-fiction book is about her spiritual awakening inspired by encounters with other worlds and their inhabitants.

Julliena’s book is an “awakening” book for those on earth who are still in a “long sleep” to other reality in other worlds.

Her unique experiences, along with her research and descriptions, can endure logical verification.

Julliena has traveled the globe — not just the physical world but the inner worlds.

She is a woman with a purpose.

Her story will change how people will look at the reality of an Alien encounter.

Julliena resided in New York City and Nice France for 20 years before moving to Southern California.

Find out more about Julliena Okah on her website: julieokah.com.