How would you like to increase your capacity to give and receive love?
Would You Like to Have More fulfilling Relationships?
Would You like to Feel More Joy in Your Life?
Are You Ready to Own or Take Back Your Power?
Today’s guest, Dr. Ida Greene — is known as the Sage of Self Love.
dr ida greeneDr. Ida has a Masters in Counseling, and has her DD and PhD in Theology.
She is a Motivational Speaker, licensed Marriage, Family, Child Therapist, ordained Minister, Registered Nurse, Intuitive Self-Love Coach.
She is also a Reiki Energy Balancing Practitioner, EFT Trainer, NLP Practitioner, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Author of 22 books.
One of Dr. Ida’s proudest achievements is being the founder for the “Center of Self-Esteem,” whose mission is to end violence and abuse of children and women.
Dr Ida’s areas of expertise include: Self-Empowerment, Negotiation Skills, Stress Management, Managing Life Changes, Domestic Violence, as well as Etiquette and Anger Management for children and adults.
She provides: Self-love Coaching for Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners on strategies to grow yourself, so your inner and outer self is congruent.
She also helps you master your personal power.
Dr. Ida Greene has been providing these powerful and insightful skills to clients for over 30 years.
As a Self-Love Coach, Dr Ida provides guidance on self acceptance, self-confidence and ways to manage your personal power on your journey to self love.
Dr. Ida’s goal is to help you master your personal power to be your best in your personal and professional life.
She’s going to share some insight with us today about how to get out of our way to reach our personal and professional goals.
Dr. Ida’s Mission is to heal the planet and create a more loving world by helping people deeply love themselves.
She is here for You as a Transformational World Leader on your “Journey to Self Love” and is healing the planet one individual at a time!
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