Hello, Transpersonal Radio Listeners!
Here we are almost through the second month of 2016 already!
Where does the time go?
How many of you have achieved your New Years Resolutions?
How many of you are even on track with your New Years Resolutions?
Do those questions give you anxiety?
Did you avoid even making New Years Resolutions because you wanted to avoid the anxiety of failure?
I’m really excited about today’s guest, Andrew Pearce, who is going to walk us through “5 Steps to an anxiety free 2016.”
However, I bet you what Andrew is going to share with us will be tools you can use even beyond 2016.
Andrew Pearce Melbourne AustraliaAndrew Pearce is based in Melbourne, Australia and works as a Transformational Mentor and Behavioural Profiling Consultant, specializing in the area of anxiety.
Andrew’s focus is guiding people in overcoming their frustrations and anxieties through the combination of improved mindsets and spiritual principles and philosophies so that they can live a rich and fulfilling life filled with love, joy, and happiness.
Having suffered from both social and general anxiety, Andrew has learned a lot about the process behind anxiety and how to go about creating powerful personal change so that we can experience more confidence and trust within ourselves.
He works with clients assisting them in moving into a positive state of being and creating the reality they desire.
A state of being where self-love, self-trust, confidence, strength, and more enables them to feel comfortable within themselves and confident in creating the life they want to live.
In our busy, technology-driven, overbooked lives, anxiety affects many and can show up in different ways and stages of life — sometimes so much so that one remains completely stuck.
Andrew has overcome both social and general anxiety and as a result, has created tools to help you be able to master anxiety and live the life you truly desire.
Andrew has designed a way to assist you in becoming the best version of yourself as someone who knows how to deftly handle anxiety when it appears.

Andrew is all about powerful personal change rather than “quick-fix band-aids.”

Find out more at: http://www.apcoaching.com.au