Anthony Tran Marketing Access PassMy guest today is Internet Marketing Coach and Founder of Marketing Access Pass, Anthony Tran.

Anthony is a successful entrepreneur and Air Force Officer Logistics veteran who has voluntarily jumped out of an airplane NINE times! He also happens to believe in psychics.

Your first impression of Anthony would probably be similar to mine…. a super-intelligent, somewhat conservative, professional, yet friendly business man who in no way seems to be someone who believes in anything supernatural or paranormal. And that’s what caught my attention!

A few weeks ago Anthony sent me a note that said, “Hi Angela, I checked out your show… Cool stuff. My wife and I have always been fascinated with Paranormal insights and spiritual health.”

As our conversation continued Anthony said, “My wife and I have always gone to psychics and palm readers because we’re so fascinated about that topic.”

Of course, I had to have Anthony as a guest on Transpersonal Radio!

Anthony shares with us his experiences and viewpoints on jumping out of airplanes, leaps of faith, psychics, palm readers, courage, guardian angels, spirit guides, beliefs, and gratitude. Anthony talks in detail about a very accurate psychic, Mrs. Lee, who uses psychometry to connect with her client’s energy and channel her information.

Anthony also shares a very personal and vulnerable story for the first time with Transpersonal Radio listeners.

You can find Anthony at