Rev Will HuttunenReverend Will Huttunen, Counsel for the Path of the Divine,Unconditional Love, joins me to discuss how to undo the karmic patterns of fear and pain that separate us from unconditional love. Reverend Will explains how we can heal ourselves from patterns of un-lovingness and move toward our destiny. We also discuss the topics of positive thinking, judgment, and forgiveness. This is Part 2 of 2.

“As we are aware of dissenting philosophies, we experience mostly helplessness then apathy. We feel helpless to change for we are conditioned to believe that this is Life and that there is no other way as we have been given this formula from the beginning, which seems hard wired. This is also know as original sin which is a self perpetual manifestation. Original sin has two elements to it. They are, “I feel horrible” and “ I hate how I feel horrible.” In this, sin is sinned against which inflames both the subject and that which is resisting it. The more we hate how we feel, the worse what we feel becomes, the more we hate how it feels and so on.”

Spiritual Debt
“What we have created here is spiritual debt; which is believed to be a loophole in Creation to just get by. This is cheating Creation and ourselves from that which would Truly heal us, the Love and acceptance of ourselves. In feeling this debt, there is a “hopelessness that feels unmovable;” that feels “it will crush us all.” This is the pressure of resistance of the fear of being crushed. Spiritual debt is a reflection of the money system we currently have, based in the denial that creates control and manipulation. As we were unable to handle, thus deal with issues in the past, we have put them off until there was a time to reconcile them. This is also known as post traumatic stress disorder. The problem being here is the way we have dealt with our fear and pain. Further denial is the way that has been chosen the majority of the time through drugs, philosophies, religions and any attractive fear-based addictions we could conjure up. It is one thing to put something off until one can deal with it properly at a later time. It is another thing to act like we will get back to it, without really having any intention to do so. This of course, makes matters much worse.”

Let’s talk about this:
“…we have created belief systems for the destruction of Creation.”

Positive Thinking
The traditional view of Positive thinking vs. your take on it.
“As one represses self, the Universe acts in like reply (karma/attraction) and creates un-Lovingness.”

Judgment vs Discernment
“If you believe God’s Will is to repress and judge yourself and your Will, then you are dealing with an impostor. Your thoughts based in fear are not your Desires. Your Desires and Will are based in Love, just like God’s. In this there is no separation.”

“God’s Will is the Revolution. We have separated ourselves from this notion of Desire and Will associating it with the sin of lust and its wild appetite that does whatever it feels like. This judgment represses the feminine aspect of self no different than we have seen the repression of women on the planet; only worse. While the thinking aspect of self is male polarized, the feminine aspect of self feels. You may notice what aspect of self has the notoriety and what aspect was told it was crazy and thus judged. The judgment of feeling is the repression of The Divine Mother. The Goddess is not recognized at all in most religions and when She is there is no mention of Her equality to God our Father. God’s Will is The Mother’s Desire. It is also your Desire that feels what is right.”

“It seems we have forgotten how to forgive. It seems we have forgotten even how to Love. These statements are not exaggerations as you can notice just how much Love is in your Life. Even pondering this concept will elicit the fear of lack. If you base that you have Love simply because you have what we would call relative peace, then you have called apathy Love. Love is not just your ability to hold your head above water. Love is the perfection of how you feel and the perfection of how you think about it. There is no resistance, judgment, hate or apathy in Love. It feels like you belong, that you are a part of everything and everything is a part of you. You may fear being connected to others simply because of your judgments of them and thus signifying parts of yourself you judge. Your inability to believe and understand that we are all One is your inability to have your Divinity.”

“The Revolution is about forgiving. This procedure which sounds ordinary seems to be the biggest mystery and secret of all time. The term forgiveness is often used as just a word or to deny what is judged, which is to pretend healing. When we are forgiving properly, we will feel, yes feel, the responsibility of everything we put our attention on with Loving acceptance. We have eluded this for so long due to the original sin we have avoided. This has haunted us from the very beginning. In denying original sin and basing our Life on resisting it, we have created burying ourselves in our own lies and in our own denials to the point where death seems like a blessing.

Revelations is the revealing of all such improprieties that when acknowledged and Lovingly accepted will heal the parts of ourselves that we have hated for so long.”

How to undo to karmic patterns of fear and pain causing separation from unconditional love.

“As the practice of healing increases I am noticing my certainty increasing; that is, what I know is more clear and therefore useful and practical. Discussing philosophies with others I believe will be more extreme as I distinguish TheTruth and the lie more. Sometimes these discussions sound like arguments as people try to defend their fear-based beliefs, due to the fear that their reality will come apart. The defense of people’s own reality has been either: “everyone has their own reality, their own Truth and way that is not only different, it may contradict others” or the judgmental sense of, “one way is right over another.” These two systems work from judgments of apathy and domination respectively.”

Spirit and Will
“If you have ever wondered why you were here or what purpose you have here, there is a Desire designed to know this. We have been searching for the answer to Life and looking for our path and destiny while we were repressing it. It is no wonder that we did not find it or when we thought we did it was wrong. Your Desire right now is to heal, to open Lovingly and gracefully to parts of yourself held back deep inside of you. You will notice that you have ethics against this whether you think you are evolved or not. These ethics, from the dark ego, are here to destroy and are empowered by the actual repression of yourself. Moving past this is remaining in your acceptance by continuing to Love yourself deeply.”

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Spirit & Will Meditation & Healing Class
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Class description: Your Path, Destiny and Planetary Shift is the movement toward Unconditional Love. This class teaches how to take fear and pain and undo the only karmic patterns that create it. It is the repression of yourself. This experience is felt as a surrender of your judgments and a relinquishing of your control over your own Will. You cannot perform God’s Will while condemning your own. As one represses self, the Universe acts in like reply (karma/attraction) and creates un-Lovingness. The more we heal this, the more Loving you and the world will be.

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