35: Walk-Ins; Spirit Communication; Near-death experiences

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Seminar recorded live at the New Earth Expo in Sacramento, CA, 21 September 2014. Angela discusses Walk-ins, communicating with spirits, and near-death experiences. What is a walk-in? What defines a near-death experience (NDE)? What is the connection between spirit communication and NDEs? Angela explores the connections between the physical and spirit world, and how we […]

Special Episode: Derrick Duplessy of Purpose Rockstars Interviews Angela Lynne Gibson

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128: Angela Gibson, Intuitive Counselor – More than Spiritual Woo Woo Released Sep 11, 2014 Angela Gibson is a transpersonal intuitive counselor. Translation: she helps gain insight into the spiritual world arous us. We chat abour her journey from scientist to spiritual counselor, clearing a house of spirits, and her upcoming tv show.

30: Psychic vs Intuition

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Angela discusses the differences between a psychic and an intuitive, and how psychic and intuitive skills work. She demystifies having psychic and/or intuitive skills, explaining these are abilities not “gifts.” She also addresses why these skills are more prominent for some people and touches on learning to “read your matrix” and understanding how to determine […]